Wednesday, 21 February 2018

There are some important modules on which our vehicles life and performance depends. As we know every part plays its own function to make the vehicle run smoothly but the major part is that their working depends on each other also.

Sometimes your car has some electrical system flaws which are not easily identified and the problem assumed to be mechanical, like engine noise or problems with the engine running smoothly. So it might be because your car is having some issue in its ECM, and needs some attention.

Engine Control Module is a very important part for your car because if this part is working properly then don’t worry about paying for car tuning. The main purpose of engine control module is to elicit an ideal performance for vehicles and make overall working smooth.

Body Control Module is one another important part of the car, and also known as body computer. It is responsible for controlling and monitoring various electronic accessories in a vehicle's body. Mainly the body control module controls the central locking, air conditioning, power windows etc. For example, a BCM of another vehicle will not open the doors when you use your key or remote. It communicates with all the other modules via the cars vehicle bus, also drives all the relays and the control all the nice gadgets. BCM can do additional checks like locking the doors to prevent the thief from leaving.

The Ignition Control Module controls the ignition coil that is why it is known as the heart of automobile’s ignition systems. The main working of ignition control module is to produce a high voltage that can be sent to spark plug. Also, it is located near the insulating compounds. To increase the life of ICM transistor is attached to heat sinks which dissipate heat better than any other attachment method.

Transmission Control Module acts as a hub for information gathered by various sensors. The TCM reads this data and communicates with the transmission to determine accurate gear shifting to create a smooth driving experience. This module runs for long periods without major problems and if some kind of issue occurs in transmission control module then you can fix it yourself, it just needs fluid drain or cleaning. Also, this works for wide range of vehicles. 

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